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Hey all 🙂

I have just created an account with ebay along with my parent and am a little stuck - How do I sell things on ebay??!!

I have had a look around the website already and I just seem a little confused. How does the money get to me when I sell something??

Any help is appreciated,


Mike 😀

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I've never sold anything on Ebay but I will try and Help. You can receive you money from the buyer in a few ways.

1. Personal check-not recommended unless you wait for the check to clear before shipping the item.

2. Money Order- Good. You get your money right away and it's secure.

3. Credit Cards-For a business, yes. For an individual, no. If you sell a large amount of items and your willing to get a credit card terminal, it is the fastest way for your customer to pay. You will lose 1-3% to the credit card companies for the privilege.

Pay Pal- Good way for your customer to pay. Customer pays with credit card to Pay Pal. You get your money from Pay Pal. I have included a link below.

To summarize. I would accept Money Orders only, for one time or infrequent sales or Money Order and a Pay Pal account for more numerous transactions. 🙂

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tomthetank Chief Captain

If you are only tinkering with eBay,then Paypal is the way to go.You dont actually see the cash,but it will pay for anything you buy via credit card or even put a +ballance on it(not mine 🙄 )
With a + balance you would be able to draw or transfer the cash without interest
PayPal's Seller Protection Policy covers sellers for up to £3,250 on any transaction that is fraudulent
Personally I would only use Paypal and state that fact in the discription of the item you are selling

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Micah Captain

yes, only use Paypal, by far the safest method.

Be very very wary of fraudulent buyers. someone tried a huge scam on me recently but fortunately i spotted it.

Be careful is my only advise!!

Micah 😉

By the way, if anyone wants a lovely ibanez guitar with a midi pickup and roland gr20, i have one on there now!! 😉

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