Carenado's done it again!

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

They just released their new Cessna 206 - cargo and amphibian models! I'll be purchasing the combo pack (since I held off on their original C206), and give you guys a short review tonight.

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jarred_01 Captain

Wow, looks like a pretty worthwile payware plane to me! Looking forward to the review OG, any chance of a screenshot or two? 😉

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Jared Captain

Well I am considering getting her ecpecially after how thier C182 RG was, this one should be great. I e-mailed them about their future planes and they said you better get the 206 because it will be a while for there next release.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain


Sorry guys, I went a little picture happy. I was most excited about the amphibian version, so there are obviously plenty of pictures of that, but I really did get a chance to enjoy all models.

First of all, the aircraft is simply beautiful. Every detail is rendered in the best possible ways. Not only are the guages, lighting, and models fantastic, all parts are extremely smooth and at nearly NO cost to your FPS! That's right, that means the VC flys about as smoothly as the default cessna's VC! (give or take some FPS, since it is Payware!) I simply could not take my eyes off the panel in either 2d or VC mode.

The guages are fantastic. As I mentioned, they all move very fluidly and are easy to read. The few digital systems are a nice touch as well (digital DME in the Cargo / regular modes, digital fuel consumption read out - including a way to calculate the amount of fuel to your destination! - and the autopilot.)

The actual flight model is wonderful. Every movement is smooth, and it holds your turns and elevator movement with little effort. I prefer the steadyness of this aircraft over the lighter C182 (also from Carenado).

I can't think of much else to say about it, other than it is worth the $30 without question!

The 2d Cockpit of the amphibian version

The virtual cockpit.

Clicking on the map brings up the simulator's map, a very nice feature.

The pilot's window opens using the "tailhook" key.

The 2d Landing view

You can check and be sure your flaps are deployed all from the VC!

Just in case you were wondering, yes, you can crash this in heavy winds...

This is the Cargo version of the 206.

Notice the detail, they even got the shipping label on the package!!

Every inch of this plane is detailed, right down to the rivets and decals on the propellers!

This is the original 206, this model with 1 passenger (note: the pilots even move their heads to watch for traffic if you pay close enough attention!

You can alternatively load each model with wheel covers

VC with lighting (including landing lights)

2d panel with lighting

You can even see the lights on in the cockpit from the outside view!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Great shots 👍 It looks like a very detailed aircraft to have in your fleet Yes

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I'd been debating whether to get it, or not. However, after seeing those screenshots, I got it. I was planning on getting a couple of DVDs, but those can wait. 😂

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