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I need simple directions to install aircraft to microsoft flight simulator 2004. A user named tomthetank gave very confusing and complicated directions...i need simpler ones!! Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad [/u]

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I dont understand the meaning of all these emoticons at your post....

Have a look here ➡

...There was a guy who has put exactly the same question(with familiar words) with you... Umm...

You have to try a bit more,and to describe your problem.
We cant come there to install the add-ons for you my friend. 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Greekman72 wrote:

You have to try a bit more,and to describe your problem.

That pretty much sums it up.

Keep in mind too, that one set of instructions might not necessarely fit all aircraft.

All instructions, including those that might come with your aircraft .zip folder, assume that you know how to do basic tasks in the Windows environment.
There are directions/instructions available how to do those basic tasks.

Have a look at this ➡

Keep Greekman72's advice in mind and once you've figured out what the problem actually is, come back and ask


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Like Tailhook and GM have suggested, you are going to need to be a bit more specific.

But meanwhile, when you have got your downloaded file, it may consist of a model file, a panel folder, a textures folder, a gauges folder and a sound folder. Bear in mind, I am speaking very generally because you haven't specified what aircraft or file you are talking about.

Transfer this whole folder to the Aircraft folder in the FS9 folder under Program Files. This folder contains the panel, model, textures etc etc. In the Aircraft folder in the FS9 directory, you will see other aircraft installed in FS9. Once you have pasted your downloaded aircraft in there, you need to open the gauge folder and copy the downloaded gauges to the FS9 gauge folder and do the same with the downloaded sound and textures files. Basically, you are placing the whole downloaded aircraft file into the FS9 aircraft folder and then placing all of its contents in their respective files in the main FS9 folder. Open FS9 and the aircraft should appear.

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