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a friend asked me if I knew how to play any Flight Sim game cause he needs a video of a takeoff and a landing for some kind of training or something... But I can't play FS and don't even own any FS game :/.

Does anyone have simple/small takeoff and landing videos (2 different short videos)? I have found somewhere a landing video already but couldn't find a takeoff one, but I think it's best if it's the same airplane taking off and landing... but anything you have will help already 😀

-Pedro Da Ros

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Oh, forgot to mention, the camera must be inside the airplane (panel view)... I have found many takeoff/landing videos from the outside of the plane (which is much prettier 😛)


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Have a look at that site. You can choose in the options on that page whether or not you want the camera to be from within the cockpit 😉


Excellent site!!
Thanks a lot! 😀

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