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Windows Vista

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Since it will be the OS for FSX, I thought you'd like to see an article that I just received in a newsletter about Windows Vista.,aid,124642,00.asp#

Which to choose, I doubt that they will come out with this many, too confusing to the end user.;jsessionid=OV1VHAY1QWQ4EQSNDBOCKICCJUMEKJVN?articleID=180205563&site_section=700027


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new technology some times can be a rip-off....
Since most people are using computer for net surfing and some
word processing, its really hard to push it further. But Mr. Gates found
out a much bigger room for his money thirst: the game and graphics
intensive simulation! I think he's put more weight on this feild than
ever before.... 🙂

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Thank god I finally have the money to be able to support Vista and FSX.

I can't wait to see what the future holds. 🙂

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Interesting read,especially " Five Things That Will Give You Pause"

It will be nice to see what MS recommends as min requirements

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Prior to Radarman's post above I'd read another article about the possibility of VISTA being available in different 'flavours'.

Now if I count one and one together... I doubt Microsoft will release an FSX that won't run properly on one of the weaker 'flavours'. If my assumption turns out to be correct, then FSX should run just fine on Windows XP --- and those who already have a powerful computer might not have to worry about upgrading too much at the moment.

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Thanks for the links RM, made for some interesting reading. As for all of the possible operating systems listed in the second article... 🙄 Microsoft - KISS!

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The last beta.
Windows Vista Slideshow.,1205,l=&s=26945&a=171997&po=1,00.asp


It looks much better than I hoped. It has a feature to find device drivers.
Anyone remember 8-10 years ago a program called Cybermedias Oil Change. (I think Norton bought it and killed it)
You started it and it scanned your computer then went out on the net and came back with a list of new drivers for you to download. It would install them if you wanted, it looks as if MS has brought that program back to life in Vista.


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