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Hey Guys,

I was wondering cos i have a new va called My Travel Virtual . Its site is and my frame rate is pretty bad when recording and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to do us a great video please. it can been any or oll of the 767, 767, A319, A320 or the A330 in my travel colours please. I would be great full if you cood. conecta me at or in here but you are welcome to put your name or summit at the end!



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Hey MYT,
Just registered, nice site dude - like the design.

I will try and make one for you if you want me too Smile

I will PM you when I have finished.

MYT Guest

Hey matt,

Thanks for the offer 4 the video! i am not a member on here but u can email from the addy in the originional messsage or you can PM me on my site if you want. just PM James Norman



IsaacN Guest

Just a few recording tips...

I use some software for recording (not coming to mind at the moment). I usually don't get great frame rates on FlightSim, but by slowing the replay to half speed and recording it that way, then speeding it up to full in a video editing program the frame rates are perfect.

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