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Vatsim questions from a newbie


i've got some questions and i was wondering if i could find some answers here... Vatsim's website is not very informative.
1) is it completely free?
2) do you have to download the other programs that they show? are the downloads mandatory?

3)if so, which ones?
4) is there any other information that would be helpful to a beginner in the multiplayer field?

thanks in advance for any answers 😀

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

VATSIM is completely FREE you don't have to pay a penny/cent at all.

There are two programes you will need:
ServInfo version 2.02

For help getting started logon to there forum there are plenty are people there willing to give help, also check out there Pilot Resource Center (PRC) as well.



sweet thanks

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A couple more questions concerning VATSIM....

1. Do I / how do I need to disable Ultimate Traffic?

2. How does Vatsim work with the built in FS2004 ATC? Does it disable it?

This looks like a great program to get a realistic experience... I hope I can try it in the next few days....



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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

You don't need to disable any AI (such as ultimate traffic). That is automatic when you connect using squawkbox. There are ways to both fly on line and see AI traffic, but the people who have pulled this off are usually very good with computers!

VATSIM does disable the default ATC. You interact with real (and well trained) ATC on their servers when they are available via either voice or text on squawkbox. When they aren't available, you're still expected to give notice via a general ATC channel called UNICOM (122.80), and fly as though there were watchful eyes at all times 😉 .

Even at times when there is no ATC, I still prefer the experience far more than flying with the default ATC. Keep in mind though, with having to give notice and talk to ATC, your hands during departure and arrival will be much more full than before!

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