"Network Error" Can't Log into CFS3

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you all could help me. I am unable to log into CFS3 when I want to play multiplayer. An error message comes up when I try to log in saying, "Network error, please close multiplayer menu and try again." Anyone know how I can fix this? I bought the game mainly for online play, but am unable. 😞

I called MS support for the game, except I ended up talking to some lady in the Philipines who (I don't think) has a clue about computers.

Im connected to a wireless Linksys router which I think might be the problem.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem I would be very greatful if you could share your knowledge.


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If you have Zone Alarm allow CFS, if you have a router you have to give it a clear port.

Read through this link and see if it helps.

Router ports and


Poss_The_JourneyMan Guest

i also have a problem when connecting to multiplayer but im running FS2004, however we both have linksys wireless routers which sounds as though it is the problem

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