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f16 Vs Viper

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Short film of a F16 v Dodge Viper Arrow

(dead link removed)

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Nice ifnd TTT. The old Viper still has life in her yet. Gotta love the Eagle.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Very cool, I enjoyed that. The car never comes close to the Vette in sales.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

An excellent video TTT. Thumbs Up!

I remember a familiar ''race'' bewtween a Ferrari F1 and a Jaguar fighter craft.If i remember well the F1 wins in the quarter of mile. Wink

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Amazing!! Shocked Itīs incredible how close they were when the race was over!

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