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Airliner Pilot - DeHavilland Problems

Uchiha Guest

I'm currently trying out a Flight Sim Add on called Airliner Pilot. With the DeHavilland my instruments turn themselves off though! If I'm on autopilot and I havent touched the controls for a little while, the instrument displays turn themselves off. Wtf?

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Just a guess, probably a bad one, but could the battery be dieing? IE you don't have the alternator's on? Just a bad guess...

Captain Dale Guest

I'm currently not on FS04 becos of tech but have the addon called Airliner Pilot and have to say it is the hardest thing to learn EVER! it is really frustrating and I cannot even takeoff without doing it wrong. Any help?

Rolling Eyes

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Read the instructions.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Is this what you have?

If so check on their forum for help, I don't know anyone here who has it.


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