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1. how do you people line up with the runway, to do it i have to go into spot view and use the tail to line up with the centre, not very realistic to say the least. how do u do it in the cabin??

2. where do you guys get your damn relism from in your planes. do u use a professional package( like a340 professional), to make my aircraft detailed i have to use the default planes but i want to use real world airlines. i am thinking of buying 340 professional. is that where u get it from??

thank you

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To line up,you have to judge it from some point on the panel(line up in spot view,then look at the centre line from the panel)
There are 1000s and 1000s of great freeware aircraft and paint jobs,have a look at avsim

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1. The runways are numbered based on their magnetic direction rounded off to the nearest 10 degree mark. Runway 12 will have a magnetic direction of approximately 120 degrees. Using your compass, you can visualize the extended centerline of the runway. Use your view control to look for the runway from the 2D cockpit. Your GPS will also aid you in finding the airport.

2.Many more detailed aircraft are available. They look great and most fly great. They are harder to fly and require practice and study. Find out as much about the add on before you buy it. Some are so detailed it takes 10 min. just to get the engines started. Repaint are available that will make your aircraft look more real. is a good starting place.

I would start with the Cessna 172 or similar aircraft to learn the basics of flying and auto pilot functions, before flying an Airbus 340. You will save yourself alot of frustration. 🙂

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