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Now i know this isnt exactly about fs2004 but ive asked questions about this before in here so im posting it here.

Im wondering what other airports can i fly to? ive basically done most of the ones i know of now and its getting a boring just setting up aircraft to fly the same route over and over.

Ive got these aircraft available to fly new routes:

4 x A321-100
4 x A321-200
9 x 747-400

Ive included my HUB Airports in the screenshot so hopefully everyone here can help me 😀

/edit ive also got $2.5bn so if yas think up alot of new routes i may just have to invest in more new aircraft 🙂

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There are 24 thousand airports in FS9 get a world map and do some connecting.
Beijing to Sydney.
Los Angeles to Singapore
New York to Johannesburg.


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I think we'll have to either add a separate Forum category for FSpax users only or make it mandatory to include "FSpax User" in the signature.

I've noticed on several occasions that we either get our signals crossed or start going around in circles -- because one camp thinks fs9, the other FSpax Geek

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