so whts this now??

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

SquawkBox??? im a little slow or what or you guys holding back on me lol
anyway whats it do?? for sf9?
thanks simon123.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Hey Simon,

This should tell you all you need to know:

If it doesn't, come back! 😉

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

thanks 99jolegg.
but from what i can tell from reading you have to be on the net for it to work. not a good idea, as im running a little slow anyway.
also seems to be some bugs with it. so i think i,ll give it a miss for now thanks for your help anyway..

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pearlygatesuk Trainee

Whats it do, well I'm warning you dont get involved because it can very quickly become an addiction....

In all seriousness though - you want to find out how to effectively use Squawkbox, you need to take a look at

You basically talk to real people for ATC as opposed to the computer generated voices - I'm off to have another go now.

C U L8r


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