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hi i know its perobably not meant to be asked in here, but is there some actual pilots here. if so i would love to private message you as i have a few questions to ask.

thank you! :0)

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I would imagine most of the "pilots" on here can answer most questions so fire away.

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rickypig112 First Officer

i would just like to know what routes you took to achieve qualifications. i am looking at university but was wandering how other people got their licenses.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

There are many ways of becoming a pilot, but as for airline pilots, I don't think there are any active airline pilots here Dont Know Have a read of that post. Its very interesting 👍

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hinch Chief Captain

i don't know of any commercial pilots here - though there are some pilots.

in the uk you pretty much have to pay your way through all the licenses - about £60 000.

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PH First Officer

Depends where you are Ricky....for the UK here is my story in short.
For about £40,000GBP and lots of hard work I gained my commercial pilots license.
First thing I did was get a class one medical without it forget commercial flying!
I did my PPL, IMC, night and multi in Florida to save time and money.
On my return to the UK I self /home studied for the ATPL ground exams taking them in Gatwick and Glasgow.
Once I passed them I went on to do my CPL and IR.
Finally I completed my MCC on the B752.
I am far from clever....but worked hard! Still looking for a job flying commercially but am looking to buy into a group shared twin engine as my business is doing well...this way I can fly when I want.
Anything is possible.

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