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Here are in my eyes (maybe some others as well 😀 ) some of the best and essential freeware utilites around today


EditVoicePack. You will net .Net Framework 1.1 for this to work.

Project AI Installer. Just scroll down and accept the T&G's

Boeing aircraft ranging from the 737-800 right upto the 767-400 Just click on the download link.

This is in my eye the best freeware 747-400 there is today. The iFly 747-400

70m Global Terrain Mesh for The Whole World.

These are my personal fav's and other's may agree but there will be other's that disagree😉. if any members would like to add to this and add there favorites that they think people would like to try then please do.



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Thank you Liono. It was very nice of you to take the time to compile the list of utilities. I'm sure that I will be able to use some of the titles that you have listed. We appreciate the effort and keep up the good work.🙂

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

THanks a lot. people like you really make this a great community 🙂

keep up the good work!

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Excellent job Liono. 👍

Thank you. 😉

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Cheers for the comments chaps. As always it's a pleasure to be a member here with a different varity of people from all walks of life.


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