Would this work or not???

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OK I'm sitting here having my lunch and this thought just popped into my head.

Say for example you have two hard drives (i do 😀 ). You use the first HD (C Drive) which has your operating system on. You mainly use the second drive (D Drive) as a back-up or something else.

Here is what I'm thinking if it would work or not. I install FS9 onto my C drive and everything works fun and well etc etc. I install some scenery that over writies the orignal .BMP files. I don't like the new scenery but as an idiot I didn't back-up the folder/file.

I install FS9 onto my D drive (I Don't put a short cut on the desktop) would this cause problems as I would have two versions of FS9 on the PC.

So I would then transfer the orignal .BMP files from the D drive and put them into the C drive.

This is just an example. Would this work?


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Try it and let us know Liono 😉

As a first quick thought i cant think of any problem.I guess that if you use the second instllation(in D drive)as a back up one it will be helpful.
I have done something else.When i install FS9 i create a back up for all the FS9 directory clean and clear to my D drive.It was more that one the times it was useful for me.

The point is other.Where the flight simulation file is going to be created(this one located into My documents)would the old one replaced?
Would a new(second???) one been created? (i dont think so)
Would not been created since we have change the default path of it?
Would not been created since we already have one?

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If you installed it on two separate drives it should work fine, even if you did put a second shortcut on the desktop, as it would label the second desktop icon as "fs(1)" or similar.

The only other thought is how it would effect the registry as both copies would be trying to make the same changes to it.

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

It’s a bit of a mouth full but might work. ❓ Idea

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

I tried this last night and it doesn't work. when I put disk one in all that came was the following

WEB SITE "or something like that"

So the answer to my question was no. Anyway as soon as I unistalled the copy on my C drive and loaded it on my D drive the Censored thing didn't work any way.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Yes its obvious.Cd detects the already installed FS folder(and the registries) thaTs why it doesnt give you the option Install it.I havent think of it.

I try to copy the CD contents in my alternative drive and run the set-up exe from there but i have the same results.

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