Captain Sim releases the 757!!!

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Well if you go to you can see that they released part of their 757 project. Well if I do decide to get her, I am going to wait for the full package to be released.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Yeah, to me releasing it in individual stages isn't a very smart way to go. If you read opinions on this new system on their forum, about 20 people responded that it was a brilliant and revolutionary idea, but that they'd just wait for the full version. I'm not sure why it's a praiseworthy idea...

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If what you folks are debating is the new 'Block system', I think it's a brilliant idea.
It won't prevent anyone to wait with their purchase until the full version has been released. At the same time this new system could be an incentive for those who have found good quality payware aircraft daunting until now.
It's reassuring to know that the transition from the 'Express Line' to the 'Pro Line' will be hassle-free.
I wouldn't be surprised if other publishers followed suit.

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Man that is one BEAUTIFUL looking plane, I'll look into it once I step up to full size airliners.

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