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Recorded a video of one of my flights, how would i find the file to import it into a movie program or upload it on a web site like put fie...

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also how do i take a screen shot. (sorry for doublepost)

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Flight video will be in your My Documents/Flight Simulator flights. It will have a .FSR suffix.

Hit [Print screen] button for screen shot. This will copy it to the clipboard. Open MS paint and Paste photo. Save photo as .JPEG. 🙂

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You need Fraps in order to record a video and then to edit it or to upload or anything else you want to do with it...
I dont think that you can edit or save to a different file the FS records.

You can upload it here ➡

...and then share the link you will get.No need to feel the blanks about mails etc.

For your screenshots have a look here ➡


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Windows logo key + Print screen button.

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

were you wanting to upload it to youtube?

use fsrecorder (for fs9 or fsx, both uploaded at the library here)

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