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Thnaks guys for helping me..I have finally Landed my aricrft on flight from sydney to manchester (Airbus A300-340)... I have managed to land but not on the runwat but slightly out of the runway but still with the help of u guys I manage to land after so many fail attemps... Can u pls advise me wher am I wrong why did I land slightly out of runway...Hope to improve more with your support



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Ok are you lined up with the runway?
Are you on glidescope?
Have you deployed the correct amount of flaps?
Did you disengage the A/P if you engaged it?
It is kind of scary trying to land one of the big one isn't it?
Did you disengage A/T?

There is alot of stuff to concentrate on to take off and land one of these.

I think that if you look at these questions it may give you the answers. There are alot of members here that know a lot more than I do.

I hope that it helps.
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heres how i do it: i dont use any of the automatic landing stuff (too hard to programme Embarassed ) and i just lower the engines all the way down and do the flaps all the way as soon as i can see the runway 😉

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You shouldnt be lowering your throttle all the way down. Remember, in a small aircraft you can glide it onto the runway, but in a big jet, you need to fly it onto the runway.

You should be dropping your throttle just as you touchdown, or a sec before, while before touchdown you should be flying at your landing approach speed.

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If you could provide some screenshots every 30 seconds of your panel on approach until landing, we could give you a detailed description of what might be going wrong, and how you can improve it. Even better, a video, but anything that lets us see whats going on when your landing will help us help you 😉


sounds like a crosswind to me. if you dont put your aircraft at a slight angle the wind will gradualy take you off the runway.

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