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Hi Guys have a little problem i got p3 1000, 256 ram vid-card 64/400 mx every thing has been fine until running f/s 2002 everything has been fine until now load f/s sitting on runway start take off run and jurking starts have checked what i know but that is not much like i say since i re formatted i only just have flinghtsim thats it on my hard drive updated driver to 53.04 had the latest there tryed that no good reinstalled again no go not a wiz but learning thanks for the reply well i have been flying 737-300 Air Zealand grate plane when you load and plane is on runway it seams to drop down a little set flaps for take off trottle up let brake go and plane starts and jurks a little most of the planes seem to do it at this stage it is the only plane i have imported because of that it never was like that but is there any thing i can do what about a raden 9200 another 256 of ram it has been pretty good until now not nowing much about computers so i am a bit in the air cut back the sliders min to see if that helps still that jurk sorry to be a pain cray

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What does the aircraft do, just shake before you can get it started and then it's ok or is it more.
Does this happen to all of your aircraft at different airports or just one airport.

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