Online Playing and ATC problem

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Hey everyone:

Problem is that I have an Vatism account but don't know how to activate it in FS9.

Also, alone with Vatism, How do I get online and see everyone else flying online? Everytime I go on there and put my usid ID on multiplayer on FS9, along with the IP address, Noone is there and there are no a/c at my airport (KBWI).

Can anyone please help me with these???

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I trust you've studied all the material contained on this page. ➡

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Four essentials:

1) Read the material in the PRC (it'll really help when it comes time to talking to the ATC!)

2) <-- The program you use to get connected, with instructions on the site.

3) <--- ServInfo, the program that lets you see what pilots and ATC are active (so you don't have to always fly alone 😉 )

4) PATIENCE. It's an absolute must for flying on VATSIM. Both patience with the controllers, and with yourself! Once you're flying in front of real people, it takes time to relax at the controls and fly like normal. I can't tell you how many messed up landings, embarassing approaches, and restricted-area crossings I've done before I felt comfortable!

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