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ghost aircraft for multiplayer sessio

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I believe that between the flying online there is a lot that like to use multiple PC join between them in net by means of the attractive program of Luciano Napolitano Wideview 2004. This system allows to have multiple visa on multiple monitor, and gives back the very realistic flight. My configuration is with three PC pentium 4 with cards Ati Radehon 9800, 5 monitor and a real cockpit with true tools produced from Dutch Simkits. We come now to the problem for which I ask an help for its resolution. The system works by means of a PC server that "drags" the scenery on two PC clients. The program Wideview 2004, in its last configuration and by means of the use of FSUIPC, is in a position to transfer on the PC clients not only the scenery, but also the meteo conditions that can be loaded, by the server only, from the net IVAO means Sqwakbox or means a program meteo type Activesky or FSMeteo. Here all outcome perfect , on three monitor we have the same sceneries and the same conditions meteo. Flying in net we should see the ours you connect that they fly with ourselves, that is possible means the program Sqwakbox. We have therefore on three monitor scenery and meteo, but we have the display of others connected pilots on the server only, as Wideview 2004 is not in a position to transfer on the PC clients the real pilots loaded from IVAO. To obtain that it is necessary to connect the two clients in net multiplayer to the server. HERE THEREFORE THE PROBLEM. in the moment that I connect in multiplayer the two clients to the server, on three monitor that visualize only the scenery, appear part of the outside structure of the aircraft in use on the PC clients, that troubles considerable the beauty of the flight. I did mọte experiences, using on the clients PC aircraft without virtual cockpit or wanting to change such airplanes, but without result. I have been also it advised to change see_self=1 to 0 in fs9.cfg but without result. I think that the problem would be solved creating a GHOST AIRCRAFT to use on the PC client, an aircraft one that is to say that have all the functionality, panel included, but no structure of virtual cockpit and structures like fuselage wing and propeller. SOMEONE it is in a position to realize that or it can indicate SOMEONE in a position of to realize it? THANKS for a help and good flight atutti I Mark Jockey

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