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Hey All !

Anyone know how to get FS 2004 to see my x-52 profile?

Where do I copy and past the DAT file I dont see a sub folder for controlers.

I can only program a few items into the stick and would prefer to use
the profile or be able to change the assignments myself.


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You can download a default profile for FS2004 from Saitek, or you can create your own from scratch. Once you have a profile you want to use you should have an icon in your tray at the bottom for Saitek. Right click it and the profile should be listed. Simply click on the profile and the icon should turn green, meaning the profile has been loaded.

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I've done that, but when I load the game only the basic controls work.

I am unable to program most other controls as well.

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You have to program the profile through Saitek's profile manager, not through the setup in the flight sim. Once programed and selected it should work, mine does.

If that doesn't do it I would try re-installing the Saitek software. I haven't had any problems with it at all, and you shouldn't either.

I should ask if you are running Windows XP, I did have problems installing the Saitek software under Windows 98, in fact after several emails with Saitek techs I never did get it to work under Windows 98.

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I have the same problem with the Saitek Cyborg Evo Stick. I have the profiler, I've downloaded all the profiles from the Saitek site, followed their instructions to the letter. Now a right click on the tray icon for the Evo, brings up a menu, at the top is "FS2004 Profile". Left click on this, and I get an error message saying this profile is not loaded. Yet if I look at the profiler program, it shows as loaded.

I couldn't understand why the Stick didn't work quite as I expected, then I found this error. Uninstalled, and reinstalled several times without any change. This with all the latest drivers, etc., and on XP.

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When I was having problems with trying to load the Saitek software into Windows 98 I found Saitek tech support to be quite helpful and quick, even though we never did get it to work right on Windows 98.

I would suggest contacting them through the web site and seeing what they have to say. I'm sure they will be prompt in helping you and I'm sure this is a problem they have seen before. Since I haven't had any problems with the profiles I'm not the one to solve the problem.

One thing I might suggest which you may have already done is check in the control panel/game controllers and make sure the proper controller is selected and active. I have had the problem (not lately) of the wrong controller being listed as the active controller.

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I think I will try the reinstall because I hade a previous version which may be in conflict.

Thanks for the help!

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I found this on the Saitek web page, it is in the Q&A section for the X-52 but may apply to others as well.

Q6: My X52 was working fine but now when I try and load any of my profiles I get the following message: "The file <profilename.dat> does not contain a profile for this device. The device was not profiled." How do I fix this?

A5: This is because you have downloaded the latest driver from Windows Update which means you also need to get the latest programming software. Go to Game Controllers, open the Properties for the stick and then click the About tab at the top. In there click the link to download the latest programming software. Once that's downloaded, install it and things should be back to normal.

Note: When you click on the link it will bring up our website; do not click anything on there. Instead, wait for a bit and you should get a download prompt for the file - Save that to your PC and then install it once downloaded.

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