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A work mate of mine complained that he would have to reformat and reinstall Windows because his PC would not boot.
So I asked if he had tried "Safe Mode"
"Yes,it still will not load past an error message"
"Have you tried the "recovory console"I asked
"The what ?" 😕

So on my way home I called into his home and ran the Recovery console
Within 5 mins we were up and running 👍

So before you start pulling your hair out,just pop your WinXP cd in to the PC and get the PC to boot from the cd,and you will be offered the recovory console
One inside the RC type help and a list of commands will come up and you just choose the one you want
The most common one to use is CHKDSK which will scan and "try" to repair any corrupt files
This worked for us 😉

One thing still annoys me about Windows,if your PC goes wrong and it shows you an error message,what good is it if you cant go online to check its meaning Wall Bashing
Ah,that old dusty Win98 pc still has its use's Hack

I hope this little tale will be of help to someone.

Umm... but not too soon 😉

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Add it to the list of 'Stickies' I say, before it gets lost in the morass. 👍

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Tailhook wrote:

Add it to the list of 'Stickies' I say, before it gets lost in the morass. 👍

Agree with Tailhook 👍 👍 👍

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