re-installing xp

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hi i am going to be re-installing windows tommorow and i was wondering if you guys have any tips for me to make it as smooth and simple for me


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Windows XP?

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well i have never re-installed xp before and i was looking on the internet for some tutorials on how to do it and they all say different things. so maybe someone that has done it before can point me to the right tutorial.

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Pretty simple really. After you've backed up your important files (just in case) - insert your Windows XP disc into your CD drive and if you have 'Autorun' enabled, the show should start automatically.

Just follow the prompts and you shouldn't have any problems.

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In addition to dear Tailhook's right instunctions,i would like to suggest you to follow these simple steps after you installed the OS.
1.MOBOs drivers.
2.Graphics Card drivers.
3.Antivirus (and update)
5.MS Office
6.Update windows.

After these you can install your other programs.

Tip:Not quick format when you asked for,and Fornat you HD as an NTFS one.
Personal opinion...Avoid Partitions if you have small HD(i avoid them in general)

Good luck 👍

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