My game has gone *PLONK*

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Help, I don't know what has happened, but my games scenery has gone down. What caused it? I don't know. When I go CTRL+S to look down on top of my plane, everything is black, I can only see the plane flying. HELP ME, What is happening

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Do you see the scenery when you are flying naturally.
What is the last add-on you installed.
What video card do you have and when did you last install the driver.


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No, cant really see the scenery flying naturally, I think i have a 64mb Card, also, this hasnt happened before, The last addon i installed was the One Off For the Bridges.

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Your card is probably struggling a bit

Go into display settings and start by turning all the sliders right down.

Also turn off thins like reflections, Autogen, dynamic scenery and so on then see what happens.

If it resolves your problem you can then move the sliders back up bit by bit.

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You're talking about Microsoft and bridges, sounds like the 9.1 update to me. You have to read the page where it tells you about conflicts with already installed add-ons.

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have you checked to see if your scenery files have been deleted off your HDD?
these things never normally just happen, there is generally a reason.

When was the last time that it worked for you?
when was the first time that the problem occured?
what happened in between? software installs, pc cleanups, programs run, updates done, config changes, driver downloads, hardware installs?

does it happen in all regions of the world?
does it happen in all seasons of the game?
does it happen all the time?
does it show water or is that gone as welll?

if all else fails you could try a reinstall

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azabro wrote:

The last addon i installed was the One Off For the Bridges.

That's not really much to go by. Here's something about 'Microsoft Bridges' :

Replaced Missing Landmark Bridges -
In Flight Simulator 9.0 we replaced many old bridge models with new bridge models. During this process many bridges that were in previous versions of Flight Simulator were inadvertently omitted and the new bridge model was never placed. We replaced approximately 160 missing bridge models that were omitted from Flight Simulator 9.0.

If this is the add-on we're dealing with, I strongly recommend you take the time and read the whole document and pay particular attention to the installing and uninstalling procedures because (though opinions seem to differ) this update can create all kinds of havoc.

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