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kindy scary day at school today

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well today seemed like a normal day at school, but in 1st hour my teacher was teaching class like normal and all of a sudden the power goes out! it was out for like an hour. and teachers were telling my teacher (cuz hes new to the school) to lock our door because they don't have any contact with the office. so after awhile they got the power back and it was school as usual. but in 6th hour all of a sudden one of the addministrators get on the PA and says " ATTENTION TEACHERS AND STUDENT EVACUATE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATLY" and in the backround you could hear like a fire alarm or sumthing. so of course my teacher freaked out cuz she didn't know what was going on. so when we got outside we heard fire trucks coming and there was probably at least 6 that came. we were out there for probably 25min before we could go back in. we didn't find out what happend untill the end of the day when they passed out a paper to our parents. it basically said that there was a water heater in the kitchen that caught on fire. so that was my day today 😀

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Sounded like an interesting day there. we had a minor fire once a our school. And at the beginning of this year our teachers almost went on strike! Boy i'm glad they didn't though! I wouldn't want to go to school in mid july or something like that! 😳 😳




Once at my school, the power was out for like 3 hours. State regulations stated that they had to send us home, but they didn't. After 3 hours of searching, they discovered that someone taken a wire out of a transformer. Who ever did got me out of 3 hours of class, thank you.

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interesting!Very good story!Here i also have an experience:
Well,i was in 3rd grade and it was arts class-the last class of the day-and we were all waiting to get out.And then,suddenly teh fire alarm went off,so we all went out(i was still quite young then and freaked out and started crying) and we coulden't even take the busses that were all waiting and so some ten firetrucks,ambulances and police cars came(it was Frankfurt international school,the 3rd biggest school in europe) and from where we were(some 500 meters away)we could see some flames coming out of the windows and firemen running in with hoses and gas masks but then half an hour later we went home.Well,as it turned out,some teens threw some cigarets into a trashcan witch caught fire and sent the home toilet on fire.They were all expelled,and i nedded to stay an hour extra at school. 😕

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