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hey if i would re-install the sim would that make it run faster or help it in anyway?

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The only reason that it would load faster is because you deleted some of the aircraft in your main folder. The sim itself wouldn't be any faster.
It's not like Windows that builds up "garbage", has corrupted files, a "dirty" registry and adds programs in the background so it has to be reinstalled every few years or months like some do.


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Radar is right on as usual, but that very accumulated Windows garbage he describes my be causing you some slow downs.

Here's a good little free program to clean up your hard drive:

and the Windows registry (read the directions carefully before playing with the registry) having said that, I have never had or heard of any problems with this program.,fid,4666,RSS,RSS,00.asp

then defrag and make sure all other apps are closed when running the sim.
You don't want anything else running (except maybe your AV if you're flying online)

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