Is this wind?

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Two days ago I had to reinstall my FS. After the God knows what time installation I started the FS and wanted to set up the display so I don't have to look at the 2D clouds and so... But I noticed something I never noticed before: "Download winds aloft with real world weather." I checked the box and soon after started flying BAC 111. But when I climbed to FL245 (which was the cruising altitude) the rudder went ALL the way left as though I suddenly twisted the joystick. This kept happening throughout the whole flight!!! I pressed SHIFT + Z and read the wind indication: it was about 350 at 80!!! If those were the real world (aloft) winds, should I have gone higher to avoid them? Is it so in real life?

I think when I installed the FS before, the download winds aloft box wasn't checked so the wind at higher altitudes would usually indicate (something) at zero and this " rudder turbulence" wasn't happening!

I really hope you understand me and will help me understand what's happening 'cause I'm starting to worry. Crying or Very sad

Thanks in advance! 😉

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Aloft winds are about right there, right now at my local airport at FL340 the winds are at 124mph.

If you're flying and you keep getting sudden windshifts and the plane keeps moving dramatically you can download FSUIPC to solve that.

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