I need a co-pilot lol

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well, i'm sitting in my 757 at the gate at Grand Rapids, waiting for my passengers. It's a terrible day to fly, there's heavy winds, and a 2 mile sight distance. This is gonna be a nasty flight, so if you want me to keep you posted on how it goes, or just want to talk, gimme a holler, i'm right here!

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Hehe, using the In-Flight System? Try to keep them in the In-Flight forum. Anyway, how's the flight going?

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wel, it was a tad bit windy, but its going good. I wound up losing a few instruments and having to look around for the airport with 2 mile visibility. It was kinda bad. I guess the pitot was icing up. Anyway, i finished the flight with pretty high turbulence, and as it turned out, i was on approach, and it dawned on me that i had forgot how to do an IFR approach! Well, i wound up coming in straight on an angle almost 90 degrees from the parallel of the runway. It was plenty widny lol.

Yeah, tonite im gonna do a REAL long flight, and i'll look for a co pilot to keep me company!

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