Your Most Frustrating Flight Sim Moment?

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I haven't played FS9 in three weeks because of what happened. Before this moment, my most frustrating moment was when I forgot to disengage the autothrottle on landing after a flight from JFK to Heathrow, and the plane overran the runway at 110 Knots and impacted a building...on that flight, I used time compression and didn't waste much of my time.

Now, by far my most frustrating moment, because it wasn't my fault, was after a real time flight from LAX to JFK.

Imagine a 747, 319 souls aboard, less than 2 miles from touchdown, 800 ft AGL, 160 knots, gear down and locked, flaps 40*, spoilers armed, autobrake set to 1 for a long runway, smooth approach, the MD-83 I was following exited the runway in an expeditious manner, tower granted me landing clearance, slowed to 154 knots, suddenly the 747 started buffetting like crazy and the engines spooled up. At least they spooled as much as the Autothrottle would allow, airspeed 140 knots and falling! I nailed the TO/GA button but the was too late, the plane was falling, airspeed 120 and plummetting. I hit the ground with a vertical velocity of 8,600 ft/min, everyone was killed.

It took me a long time to figure out what had happened, I reviewed the instant replay, everything looked fine, I wondered if I had flown through a MicroBurst, but I didn't think that they were programmed into FS9.

The FSPax didn't say anything about what had happened, they assumed the stall had led to the crash.

Finally I watched the outside video, and for some wild and crazy reason, I am absolutely certain that I didn't hit the spoiler key, the Air Brakes popped up, in effect removing the wings from the 747. I don't think I'll be using the autospoiler for landing anymore.....

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The wings actually fell off the plane?

Most frustrating thing that has happened to me as on long flights on approach FS9 crashes, always fun. Thats about it so far.

Ryan F. Guest

Oh man.. that's horrible, especially after a real-time flight from LAX to JFK. I normally use time compression on long-haul flights.. I mean. i DO have a life outside of FlightSim, so I simply don't have 3 or 4 hours to kill, lol.

But i must admit... i've had FS9 moments where I was physically yelling and/or jumping about becuase of something that went wrong, lol. let's see... I flew a 737-800 from SFO to Maui (OGG) in Hawaii. After spending about an hour and a half in front of a computer (5 hours, 35 minutes without time compression) I was finally descending to my approach into maui. I was getting "psyched" for my landing.. when all of a sudden, around FL180, i get this: CRASH: AIRCRAFT OVERSTRESSED. Now.. before you all bash me with criticisms... let me say that everything checked out normal.. speed, descent rate, etc... so I have no clue what happened. I was so angry I resest everything as best as i could, turned OFF "Crashes by overstress", and pretended it never happened, lol... to which i made a nice landing at maui.

I've had an autothrottle incident similar to that landing at Salt Lake City (SLC) in a 767-200. Never dis-armed... and rolled off the end of the runway. Luckily it was only a short "hop" from SFO. but i was still kicking myself for that one...

lol.. funny stories to share.. good times
Happy Flying


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Can't use time comp when using FSpax Wink I do quite a bit of multi-tasking while I'm flying so no flight I do is too long.

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Pilot error and its consequences are always frustrating.

There can be only one most frustrating moment in my mind though.

The crash of FS for whatever reason

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I hate it when I get too close to a building or a tree and even though I'm not hitting it, it says I crashed. I hate that. Evil or Very Mad

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Well I think I just had my most frustrating moment, I was in doing my longest flight yet, had crazy headwinds the whole time and some times even at FL190 my IAS higher then my ground speed, took forever, then on short final, BLAMO, FS crashed, which then crashed my whole computer. Kick ass!

God I'm so FREAKING pissed off. ARGH. I'm thinking that this all started with Active Sky, even if I have FS2004 running when I'm not home for awhile, EVERY time I come back after say over 6 hours or so it has disappeared when i get back to play again. I guess I'll be doing some flights without Active Sky running and see if it continues to crash all the time.

Time to go play some online shooters to relieve some stress.

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Roger that.

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I don't normally have that many problems but there was this on time when I was on final to Gatwick. I wasn't that experienced at landing so I was really concentrating on the glide slope and my speed and everything. Suddenly I heard ATC ask for confirmation of last transmition. They asked my to execute a go-around and I had to work quickly to gain speed and altitude. Quite annoying but fun.

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