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Dear Fellow Pilots,

I've just purchased FS2004 and having a whale of a time getting the hang of autopilot etc....

My one major issue is landing, i know it will come with time but i can't seem to get the ILS to work.

Does anyone know of any landing tutorials i can use?

I almost get there, get then either over shoot or end up in a nearby

Air traffic guide me in to a point, but i'm still slightly off how do i sort out that final approach vectors?

Look forward to hearing your ideas.


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I have the same problem sometimes. But all you need to do really is go the learning center and read up on it. Or have Rod Machado teach you how to do it. Another thing you gotta remember is that the autopilot will not land the plane. You gotta flick it off when you are on the proper glide slope and then hand fly your way in. Seriously, i've been flying the sim jets for about 7 months now, and i still need to work on my ILS stuff.

Good luck, tell me how it goes, maybe you can help me too!

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😀 Here is some usefull info ➡

Good luck


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

How much do you know about the ILS systems and everything, cause once i know that, i can help you understand more how to do it

ogradyc1984 Guest

😕 ILS landed a 747 for me last night...

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ogradyc1984 wrote:

😕 ILS landed a 747 for me last night...

👍 Patience, patience and lessons!


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