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I'm flying normally with AP on and going from FL170 to flight level 260 when suddenly autopilot starts pulling-up and stalling. I turn it off and recover the plane but as soon as I switch it back on I stall again.
This happens even if I set vertical speed to just 100.
It's so strange because I'm climbing perfectly and suddenly everything goes to hell..... Twisted Evil
Any ideas on what´s going on?

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is your throttle set and a good climb power setting, or maybe the autothrottle is set on and no speed is selected. Keep the autothrottle off, and just add more power when you are climbing.

Good luck

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coolsan First Officer

That's not it. I´ve tried it with autothrottle on and off and still the same.
Seems that if I try flying higher than 18,000ft I start to stall.
I'm climbing at about 300knots and when I reach fl180 airspeed starts dropping and I eventually stall; even if I'm applying full power.

Usually whenever I took off if autothrottle wasn't on I would be overspeeding in just a minute or two even whilst climbing. Now I don't.

Do I retract the flaps immediately after take off? I'm neve really sure.

Thanks for your input fire_emblem, I guess I'm gonna have to keep trying until I figure out what's going on.

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😕 Hi
What aircraft are you flying ❓

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coolsan First Officer

It happened on a DC 10.
Today I tried another plane and I climbed perfectly (I stopped at fl350).
My guess is I'm doing something wrong on take-off and then I'm never able to recover. I guess I'll have to cruise the world at 15,000ft.

I'm having a very hard time taking off in the 727; usually I start rotating at about 165knots, but the 727 won't fly until I hit 195 or 200 and there are few runways long enough for that.
Is this normal? How should I take off with the 727?

One more thing. When I fly heavies, and much more evident with the 747, I'm never able to fly leveled. I reach my cruising altitude and although I stay at that altitude the plane's always pointing upwards as if I was still climbing. If I try adjusting the pitch the AP moves it back.

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😀 1st check your fuel and payload(some d/loads carry too much)My Fedex DC10 carries so much it can hardly taxi
2nd make sure that you set flaps,and trim(negative between 5 and 9)
Then full power and you should be up and away

Let us know how you get on


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leadfoot First Officer

You should note that as you climb into the flight levels you must reduce your rate of climb in order to maintain speed because the thrust the engines put out decreases as you climb, the air gets thinner. I fly the 737 a lot. I usually set the flaps at 10 for takeoff, pull 'em in one notch at a time at 180, 200, 220, 235. At 250 kts I'm cleaned up and climb at 250 kts until 10,000' then go to 280kts. Intial climb rate is 3500 to 4000 fpm. At 20000' the climb is down to 2500 fpm. By the time I'm at 30000' my climb rate is no more than 1200fpm. Above 32000' or so, it's 800 to 1000 fpm. I hope this helps.

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