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Hi all,

I tried FS navigator and couldnt get my head around it but I cant find a trial version of FS build. Is it any good? Do the plans work well with vatsim? Is it worth the money?

Thanks 😀

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I downloaded FS Navigator, I was never so confused before in my life.

No idea what FS Build is though.

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FSNAV is one of the best addons flight sim has ever seen.

I have been using it for over a year and have never looked back!

It's not that hard to work out- and 1 in 10 downloads are free. You can connect to multiplayer sessions with them and find out where other pilots are flying online, plus thier speed, height and direction etc.

The main reason I use it thought is because you can run it at full screen with out pausing the sim from running, and it has so many helpfull features you would never expect- like flying and landing the plane for you- if thats what you really want!

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