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Hi. I am a complete newb for MS2204 and am absolutely loving it! Naturally I want to get the best out of it so I would like to ask what you professionals think is the best joystick to use? I have bought a Trust Predator GM-2300 but find it a bit "wobbly"when in the stationary position and not really firm or stable. I need something sturdy. Any suggestions?

Another option I was considering is the Logitech 963291 - any good?

I've heard bad reports about the MS joysticks - are they true?

Any tips gratefully received and apologies if this subject has been covered before in this forum ( if it has, does anyone have the thread link?)


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There are a lot of threads about joysticks in these forums.
Have a look at an interesting one which also provides some very useful links about joysticks.

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The MS Sidewinder sticks is very good, I use the Precision pro and can't fault it.

Of course, because the Sidewinder is a Microsoft product it's going to get slated by the usual crowd whether it's good or not!

The bigger you are, the bigger the target you become 🙄

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I have the Sidewinder Precision Pro2 USB also and it's too bad the MS stopped making it.
Take a look at this companies sticks, the high end are some of the best sticks available (X52).


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Saitek X52 Flight control system, nuff said.

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Make that 2 owners of the Saitek X52 - wicked piece of kit, would never go back to anything else!......and also has 64bit drivers :p


Thanks very much for all your tips. Looks like the Saitek then...

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i like the sidewinder 3d pro. 😀

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I like your new signature brownbox 😀

Nice size 👍

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