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Can anyone help me please

Have got concord installed on fs2004 i dont think it is working properley.
and can be a pain to fly as it will not maintain one constant speed espicialy going supersonic the speed just keeps dropping of even with reheat on and flying level
is there any good concord aircraft that can be downloaded that work correctly.



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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Hi
Radarman found one earlier this year(I have not tried,but it sure looks good)here's the link ➡

Let us know if its any good


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Mediatech Trainee

That is the one I downloaded a couple of weeks ago and it is great. You have a few choices of airlines and flies really well.

Mediatech 😀

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webdenis12 Trainee

omg is that website ever works, for 2 weeks I trying to download and I cant, ERROR, I mean &^*&$%^$*$ Evil or Very Mad

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RadarMan Chief Captain

webdenis12 wrote:

omg is that website ever works, for 2 weeks I trying to download and I cant, ERROR, I mean &^*&$%^$*$ Evil or Very Mad

It is a slow site especially if you don't have broadband and occasionally it is down. Unfortunately it's the best Concord that you can

It did just work for me.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

It DOES work, and it's the most realistic Concorde you can get for free. I've got all the files, and so if you don't get it to work, you can contact me on Yahoo! messenger and i can send them to you. I have dialup, so it'll take a while, but i got lots of time. If u got Yahoo!, just add me as fire_emblem_master

Good luck

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jelami First Officer

Well, I just downloaded this, and that went smoothly. I figured with the installer it would be easy. however, it does not show up and I see that it created the directories, but I do not see the model folder.
This is what you typically see folders for (example 737)-Model, Panel, sound, texture, texture.1, texture.2, texture.3, texture.4, aircraft.cfg, Boeing737-400.air, Boeing737-400_check, and Boeing737-400_ref

In the PM2_Concorde_fs9 folder, all I see is Panel, Sound, Texture.aa, Aircraft.cfg, a word doc, and thumbs ( a database file) Crying or Very sad
Any thoughts?
Not sure what to do, did a search for the model folder, but no luck.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have to download each section by itself. You see what you want and click on the jpeg (picture), a screen will show and then download. There are many parts to one aircraft.
This download is piece by piece, not like the normal type of single zip download.
Go back and see what you are missing.


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jelami First Officer

Still unable to download this file -
Everything else downloaded fine, but get an unkown page when I click on the link. Crying or Very sad

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corrvan Trainee

argh! ive downloaded every file on that page and followed the instructions to the best of my ability, and nothing! if anyone of you has MSN, my adress is, please add me and lend me a hand? i think my main problem comes in understanding from common textures onward, i really dont know what they mean.

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