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Obviously we all share the same interests in aviation, but do any of you have an interest in space flight? I specifically like the Apollo project and my nickname is named after Apollo 13's Command Module. Unfortunately for them they couldn't just press the reset button when everything went wrong 🙂

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I'm also very interested in Space flight. I'm even interested in celestial navigation and astronomy. I used to live in Houston, Texas so I was able to visit NASA's Houston Space center. I received a telescope a few years ago as a present. I don't utilize it as much as I should because I don't like standing outside on a clear, cold winters night. I'm thinking of getting X-Plane so that I can fly in space. There is also a free program called Orbiter. If you go to (X6😎 the NASA Shuttle Landing facility in Flight Simulator, you can see the Space Shuttle Orbiters on the pad. 🙂

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Lucky you! I went to that airport yesterday and it was very good. Nice long runways as well. I think some telescopes take photographs or something along those lines, so if you ever do use your scope you must send in pics.

Thanks for the files.

😉 Odyssey

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