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Please guys, don NOT I say do NOT fly with Wizz Air.

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Hi Everyone to the forum.

As promised I'm giving you some photos. These are made app. 3days ago by my brother who was on its way from Katowice KTW to Liverpool LPL. He knows I'm a little avionics freak so he knows already a little bit about airplanes. He made these pictures just for me to show how nice is the technical stand of these aircrafts. Ok here it goes, and remember it's not fake what so ever, this is real! 3 days ago.

<-- look at the engine #1. There where you have the sign 'wizz air' look under letter 'a' next to this sign with the guy on the white background crossed with red stripe. There was some damage to this engine and somebody from the ground crew just welded it, like you weld russian submarines, imagine! <-- this is the same photo as above but original size to look again with details. <-- I won't tell anything... just enjoy! <--second version

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Eeek...I used to fly with Ryanair...while I was paying a nickel a flight, at least I knew some poor guy was paying ₤995 because he booked his flight at the last minute.

Those 738's of Ryanair are in top knotch condition.

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better than masking tape Very Happy

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Should've just used some duck tape or some good old JB weld.

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maybe it sounds funny guys, but imagine a must of flying this piece of bucket with 1030Km/h! (yeah, that is the bucket which flew at 12km M0.82), and the engine.. yummy! Good Russian work, sorry actually Russians are champions in welding, probably some hungarian work.

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Solotwo said: Should've just used some duck tape or some good old JB weld.

It's funny you should say that -- within the months following 9/11/01, United Airlines got in serious trouble when someone found they were using duct tape in aircraft maintainence.

I mean.. I've heard of stopping in-flight food and drinks to cut expenses, but using duct tape to fix an aircraft??? Someone got yelled at for that one... Whip

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do not underestimate the power of duct tape...and jb weld would do an awesome job.

i think welding the engine like that is probably fine. what could happen to it? a weld that thick - though shoddy - is strong enough to hold for sure.

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duct tape Shocked Shocked Shocked
ho please Exclamation Exclamation
who do they think they are Question
money money money thats whats it all about Exclamation
nothing els a plane on the ground is no good to them Exclamation Exclamation

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I have just been wondering and wanted to ask if anyone is logged in on forum? And maybe could give this little link to the planet to see how Wizzair looks really like? I don't have any membership on this site so it's impossible for me, if anyone could, it would be much appreciated. Bow Down

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