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I was wondering how do you know eactly where the runway is? For example land on runway 16.. How do you know that you are attempting to land on runway 16 from far away? I know this is not a very smart question! but, like I said.. I am new at this game and flying!

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😀 Hello and welcome to the world of flight sim
Here are a couple of sites full of info for flying in fs2002 ➡

They should help you with all your questions

Good luck And happy landings


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Nasdaqstockz, TTT gave you some good links. FS is learning by doing and I would suggest that you do the necessary reading and use the tips section. There is quite a bit of info but nobody becomes a senior pilot overnight. Even in sim! 😂

BTW, I just got 02 delivered today from Amazon and I can readily see where FS9 is far superior. That said, I find no fault with any of it.

Happy landings and study hard! -You will get it.

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