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I hope I make it...

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Flying from NYC to Dallas-FortWorth in my A320 (2 1/2 hours out still), by my calculations I have just enough fuel, with reserves, to make it... but if they ask me to fly around and approach from the south (which I'm sure they will at KDFW), it's going to be very close... I don't wanna have to cheat and auto-refuel in mid air Very Happy

I gotta figure out how to accurately figure out how much fuel I will need each flight, any suggestions?

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If you have Microsoft Excel, you might want to have a look at this little Utility:


Second from the top.

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Thanks for that link Tailhook - but I can't get it to work, can anyone else?

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In the meantime we can do it the old-fashioned way vie FS Flight Planner and NavLog. Think

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what I'm looking for, but unfortunately it's in French Umm...

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Can't help you but God speed you captain!! Group Wave

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Do you have FSPax? They make it easy, by showing Climb Fuel and Decent fuel, so you know how much the most fuel consuming part of the flight takes, then you can easily figure out how far you can go during cruise by using the fuel flow guages, which for a 737 I use between 3,600 lbs per hour per engine and 4,400, depending on power settings.

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