playing downloaded planes, can anyone help??

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Im new to downloading planes and i need some help. So far i have downloaded 2 planes ive followed the instructions telling me to extract the files into the aircraft folder. I have done this and gone to fly the plane but each time the plane hasnt turned up on the list. does anyone know what i am doing wrong???? ❓ ❓ ❓

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Hi - a lot of unknowns there.
Are you using Windows XP own unzipper or Winzip or someother unzipper?
I use XP and my method is to have a folder named 'Downloads' in my root directory (C: in my case) for anything I dowload from the Web. In that folder I have a folder for 'Flight Sim' which has folders for 'Aircraft, Addons, Scenery, etc, etc. For eaxample if I am downloading an aircraft with a file name of '' then this wil go into C:/Downloads\Flight Sim\Aircraft and when unzipped in the XP default mode will make an unzipped folder named 'newac1' where all the files will be held. In that folder there will be a folder with the aircraft's name which may or not be 'newac1' let's say it is 'spitfire''. Copy and paste this folder to your FS9 Aircraft folder. Mine is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft - yours may be different. The 'spitfire' folder should contain 'model', 'Texture', panel, etc folders and an aircraft.cfg file.
If the unzipped file contains a folder named 'gauges' then copy and paste the contents of the folder (NOT the folder) to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Gauges folder.
Most downloads contain a 'readme.txt' which should give you instructions for installing the aircraft but some leave a lot to one's own knowledge. Sorry to be so long winded but hope this helps.

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