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plzzz i need help. i got one big probleme

gilgul Guest

when im on the runway everything is cool. then i start to takeoff and in the second that im on air my coputer is shut down itself. when the fs is working without takingoff everything is work fine
i thought it was the screencard but it aint the probleme...
plzz if someone knows what i should do it'll be great.

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kianok First Officer

Are your video card drivers up to date?

Odyssey Guest

I'd need to know exactly what happens to help you. Does the computer shut down completely and you have a blank monitor or does it just close the program or what? You need to be specific.

🙂 Od

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

First of stay cool......

This could be many reason's for this to happen. First of all download this little programe called SpeedFan here ➡


Click the download link and install as normal.
When this has finished run the programe and monitor the heat temp's on all the fans etc etc.

This sounds like the processor is running to hot!!!!!!.

Take of the side of the case and clean all the fans as dust gathers here and slows down the cooling.

Have you downloaded the latest driver's for your graphics card? If no then download this programe ➡


Un-install your drivers by the normal method (Control Panel/Add - Remove programes) once these have been uninstalled run Driver Cleaner 3 times then restart your system.

If you haven't already download the latest driver's ➡

Nvidia Graphics Card

ATI Graphics Card


gilgul Guest

when im taking off the coputer is making itself a restart. my driver is uptodate and im not sure what about my video card or it the same thing..
about the fun program i didnt understand what is her target ..

its the first time that im using this website so i didnt knew if i wrote in one furom other poeple from other furom can read this so im sorry for this.

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Follow Liono's instrunctions and let us know the results.
It sounds like an overheating problem to me.I would like to add as suggestion to open your case and clean your fan and your heatsing from dust etc.

It will be also very helpful if you share with as the specs of your system.For example low RAM with high display settings could cause an FS crash.

Help us in order to be helped my friend. 😉

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