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hi yes its me again and i would like you to tell me about my last topic
[my flight sim ] if you would have one at home or were ever you wanted on if the price was right the reason i ask this is i would lick to open a business building them cos i like making them. if u have not seen the picks hear they are
ill answer you questions as soon As thanks tazz126

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Which aircraft model have you based it on tazz126 ??? are you going to paint it in any particular livery ???

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How long do they take to build???

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Q1] the aircraft will be painted R.A.F gray with all the emblems on eg no step and other stuff if the room was big enough we would have put wings on it plus a tail. the aircraft is what u want it to be as i took it striate out of my head please let me say one thing its not just me who builds this its also my best mate and we both have done this project for the kids for no cash at all
Q2]we could build one and have it up and running in a month as i said before the ACT has no cash and it has taken 12 month to get this far i have some new pick that iv took tonight i hope u like them cos we have worked dam hard to get it this far with no cash not just that the cash we make 40% of the cash will be going to the atc here are the picks


can you tell me how much it would cost for you to build me one ❓

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for a small cockpit with all the bits IE yoke and peds ill do it for 2095 UK pounds but u will get a projector or a built in screen in the aircraft it just depends on what u want and if we can get the bits cheep enough for u the aircraft will also be integrated in to your house power supply and the PC will be in the flight sim in the nose of it and yes u will be able to take it out let me know and thanks for your interest tazz126

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