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Hi all,

I'm trying to repaint some aircrafts for fun.But when I'm painted them and select the aircraft in my FS, they look a little fuzzy.How can I make them "smood"?

(I do it like this way:
1.) I open bmp file from the fuse with DXTbmp
2.) I save it as a "targa with alpha" file
3.) Paint it with photoshop CS9
4.) Save the painted fuse back on the "targa with alpha" file
5.) I open the modified "targa with alpha" file with DXTbmp
6.) I Save it as an extended bitmap (24 bits) in the aircraft texture folder

Is this wrong? )


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the last step.

you must uncheck the mip map settings on the right and have no mip maps included. then save it as dxt3 - a much better format.

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Okt thx I shall try it 😀

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