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Hey guys, I have made quite a few repaints for my virtual airline. While I like my livery, the actual qualities of my paints are crap, lol.

I use microsoft default paint program (yes.. i actually said the condemned words, lol) becuase I haven't got Photoshop and I don't exactly know how to use CorelDraw Essentials, which I do have.

Does anyone know how to repaint a plane in Corel?

Also.. If I can't get this right, I would greatly appreciate if someone would paint a POSKY 737-800 in my airline's livery. Contact me for more info

Ryan Finn
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Make sure you have and use DXTBMP, available here Arrow

MS Paint will give you inferior textures... period.

Re CorelDraw Essentials, I've never used it so I don't know how useful the Help Menu is.
I would trawl their Support Services to begin with Arrow

You may know that Corel bought Jasc PaintShopPro. Here is another avenue: PSP has always had a fully funtioning trial version.

Try Paint Shop Pro X?It's FREE!

You will be trying a 30-day, fully functional trial edition of Corel Paint Shop Pro X, which includes:
Automatic photo fixes for common photo problems
Precision controls for people who want to fine-tune photos
A built-in Learning Center that shows you how to get started as soon as you open Paint Shop Pro X

I'm suggesting this because PSP has a good Help Menu and as I can see now even a "Learning Center".

If you get comfortable with PSP, you may get to the point where you see the connection between PSP and CorelDraw Essentials.

I would suggest to get a decent tutorial written especially for repainting purposes and to visit the forums that deal with the topic.

Ryan F. Guest

Thanks Tailhook.. I actually found the Paint Shop Pro demo right after I posted the original message, lol.

I played around with it, looked up some tutorials and produced a half-way decent repaint of the POSKY 737-800. (well.. at least it's better than anything MS paint could've given me)

Thanks for your help Very Happy

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I'm glad you got some results Ryan - I have fond memories of PSP Cheers!

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