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I have only just ventured into this and recently recieved my copy of fs2002 (I know it isn't the latest but didn't want to go all out straight away.)
However I am working my way through the 'Learning to fly' area and find that sometimes I cannot hear the instructor clear enough is there anyway in the options to amplify or muffle background noise?
I was also wondering whether I could get him to repeat his instrucitons if I have not heard correctly?

This question may have been posted before, I had a quick look but couldn't find much. If this is the case I would be greatful if someone could re-direct me.


P.S I am using arrow keys at the moment as I am waitng to recieve my joystick in the post. How much easier would you guys say it is with the advantage of a joystick?

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I'm not sure about muffling the background noice.

Go into 'Settings' --'System/Sound' where you can make the necessary adjustments.

You can not get the instructor to repeat what he said.

A joystick is practically a must if you want to benefit from your experience.

Note: When you start downloading free add-ons for FS2002 make sure they are compatible with your version as there is Pro and Standard.

Any problems, please ask -- enjoy your flightsim 😀

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