Bin everything when DX10 comes out

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We're all screwed ➡

DirectX 10

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Vista will support DirectX 9 as well as 10 and 10 will be a huge improvement over previous versions.
I think it's excellent, if they design FSX to utilize DirectX 10 we'll not only benefit from the 64 bit platform, we'll now have DirectX 10 to give us a "whole new experience" as he puts it.
Fantastic, thanks Uncle Bill.


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This change also means that Microsoft will not release DirectX 10 for Windows XP, because many of the Direct3D10 improvements will need the new Windows Vista Display Driver Model.

So much for backward compatible. 🙂

Any new sofware you want to buy that uses DirectX 10 will mean that you have to buy Vista whether you want it or not.

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Personally i believe that all of these issues are creating on purpose in order to make us discuss ,wonder ,afraid of what i have to do...
Its tricks... Juggle
I will wait and check FSX and Vista.My feeling is that we will not have so many problems as we imagine... Fear
Not because MS is good guys and take care of us but if they want to sell more they must make their softwares compatible between them(older with newer)as they have done until least for the majority of them Unsure

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Vista will bring new benefits to our pc and gaming experience,but at what price ?
We have disscused this elswhere on these forums about the animated gfx and see-through pages and blah blah 🙄

We now know that Vista will require a minimum of 1 gig of ram to run and about seven gigs of hard disk space 😳

Also reported that Vista will not run FAT32 formatted drives and will require something like an Athlon 4000+ cpu for it to run with all the bells and whistles

so if you are thinking about upgrading before Vista,my advice is wait

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