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Try your landing skills..

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If your looking for a challenge when it comes to landing... try landing on a aircraft carrier! In San Fransico Bay there is a sweet carrier that you can try to land on. I was able to do it on my first try in my F14!! 😳😳 Even harder is fly in at night! I was also able to take off from the flight deck many times.

There is also an area on the flight deck that will lower the aircraft down inside but I am not sure if it works or not❓ If anybody knows, can you tell me how it is done?

The carrier is pretty much a ghost town though..


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greenday5719 Trainee

This is on FS2004 right? and you don't have to download the carrier?

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jetman35 First Officer

Yes.. the carrier is sitting just ouside of San Fransico Bay. It's not a operational carrier but you can still land/take off from it! The F14B is the best way to get on it. Make sure you deploy the "super speed brakes" just before you touch down. I have F2004.

Jetman 😎

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