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The other day I downloaded the demo version of FSPax to see what it's like. I was really impressed but half an hour into the flight my computer crashes completely and I have no control over the mouse either. I restart my computer and the tower starts bleeping and the monitor doesn't turn on. The bleeping stops occasionally after I have unplugged it all but it doesn't sound like it's starting properly. Any ideas? Could it have been the download?

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For must of us the dowload was secure and without problems.Try to start your systme in safe mode and cleanit from spams , also run your antivirus just in case.

Restore your system one day back is also another sollution.I dont think that FSPassengers can cause such a damage unless you are the lucky man of the month.... 😞

I also check FSPax FAQs section but didnt notice something about your problem...

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Do you know the make and model of your mother board?

If you can find this out then you should be able to work what fault the bleeps are indicating.

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Another sudden thought.Try to clean up the fan and the heatsink of your CPU from dust etc.Maybe this bleeping comes from an overheating alarm.

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