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simulatorgames=good Guest

i seem 2 have trouble downloading the boeing 737 on2 me pc. how do i do it.

i am also confused about the panels that u dowload. i saw my frend download the same plane and the panel was included, is it the same 2 every single plane that u download, or do u have 2 download the panels seperately?

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jelami First Officer

I think you mean how to INSTALL, try this post

Most planes come with panels, there are some that do not. There are custom panels that you can add. Also, most files come with a readme file that should help with the install.

simulatorfan Guest

i read that u need num lock to use behind wing views or something like that but my laptop dont have num lock. will it still b able to run the game.

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jelami First Officer

Hmm, on my laptop, <numlock> is on the <scrLK> key. Just hold the shift key down

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